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Emma Scaramozzino - November 05, 2020

She said // she said: SK & Em  


You may be familiar with our X Said // X Said blog series; a series where we have couples answer questions about their relationship separately, and see how similar (or different) their answers are when we compare the two. Our community has grown to love the series, so, we created a "spin off" for the month of November. 

Our 4 part November series will showcase some of our friends non-romantic relationships with their loved ones. More than ever, we are reflecting on all of the relationships that we are thankful for - we thought the best time to highlight this was in the month that represents unity and being thankful.

Just like in our X Said // X Said series, Shahla and I answered the following set of questions separately. Neither of us have seen each other's answers...until now!

shahla karimi

Shahla Said:

When and how did you meet Emma?
I met Emma a little over 2 years ago at Au Showroom - she came in to interview with my office mate Halleh and I remember telling her she looked really cool.

What do you admire most about Emma?
Where do I start? 1) She is the most resourceful person I have ever met. Nothing is ever too challenging for Emma - if she can’t figure something out, she quickly takes to the keyboard and starts making calls. 2) I admire her political savvy and deep concern with social issues like: race, gender, and sex equality. 3) She is always in a great mood on the outside even if she has a terrible stomach ache on the inside. 4) She shares a wonderfully terrible taste in television shows with me.

What is Emma's biggest quirk?
She says “okay” just like Pete Davidson as “Chad” in SNL

What is the most important thing Emma has taught you since you started working together?
What being a “Skinny Legend” means. For instance if you order a side of salad instead of fries you are a Skinny Legend. Am I using it right Emma? 

What is Emma's biggest pet peeve?
People who don’t double and triple check our purchase orders!

What is a foolproof way to cheer Emma up?
1) Justin’s Dark Chocolate Almond Cups 2) Doing a TikTok dance with her. I haven’t done one with her yet, but I am certain it would work. 

Post-pandemic, what is the first thing you and Emma are doing together?
Going to the Tuscon Gem show to recreate Tuscon Feb 2020 which involved going to Antelope Canyon, Lowell Observatory and lots of Hard seltzer (Emma’s fav). 

Does Emma have any hidden talents?
1) She can figure anything out by watching TikTok 2) She can guess anyone’s Zodiac sign within minutes of meeting them 3) She can read your spirit and animal cards. 

Emma Said:

When and how did you meet Shahla?
Shahla and I met in the Spring of 2019 when I was a junior at FIT through a mutual friend in jewelry. I had no clue what I wanted to do, but Shahla happened to need someone to run production for her so I decided to give it a shot. I ended up loving the industry and my WILD boss, SK, so I stayed ;-)

What do you admire most about Shahla?
Her ability to be fun and easy-going one minute but also tough as hell the next. For example, we'll be joking around and all of a sudden a telemarketer will call her and with no hesitation, she'll snap back. I know that example isn't work-related but you get the point. I've also started to pick up this trait especially when I'm on the phone with our Google Ads rep. Whenever I get off the phone she says "You're mean", but it's really her fault. 

What is Shahla's biggest quirk?
Not sure if this is considered a quirk, but at least once a day she yells, "Oh my god!! I forgot to tell you..." when the room is dead silent. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me but it also cracks me up so I'm not mad about it.

What is the most important thing Shahla has taught you since you started working together?
I have learned so much about the jewelry industry, running a business, and life through Shahla. But, I think the most important thing I've learned is this: If you ask your mom's opinion on something (clothes, jewelry, furniture), and she thinks it's ugly, chances are it's actually super cool - like this Gucci inspired outfit.


What is Shahla's biggest pet peeve?
When people don't thoroughly read her emails so there's a TON of back and forth! Specifically our CAD designer -  sorry Daniel! Still luv u tho. 

What is a foolproof way to cheer Shahla up?
An episode of Pen15 on Hulu and a package of Justin's peanut butter cups.

Post-pandemic, what is the first thing you and Shahla are doing together?
No doubt hitting the clubs. Start looking for a babysitter!!

Does Shahla have any hidden talents?
Yes - arranging flowers (photo attached).

shahla karimi

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