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Our Commitment

As a woman and minority owned business, we take immense pride in our dedication to nurturing a diverse workforce. We firmly believe that the array of backgrounds, orientations, and perspectives within Shahla Karimi shapes our present identity.

To ensure the preservation of these foundational values as our company expands, we wholeheartedly embrace a comprehensive approach to our hiring practices. This involves extending equal opportunities to candidates aiming to join our team and implementing a standardized hiring process. Through this inclusive methodology, we provide every potential team member an equitable chance to work with us. This comprehensive approach is not only a reflection of our core values but also strengthens the very essence of our evolving brand.

Our commitment to diversity transcends our workplace, extending to our network of suppliers. Similar to how we curate our materials, we are equally dedicated to partnering with a diverse spectrum of suppliers and artisans. We actively seek and support businesses owned by individuals from marginalized groups, fostering economic empowerment and infusing our supply chain with distinctive viewpoints.

In harmony with this, our dedication to sustainability and ethical responsibility remains steadfast. We understand the pivotal importance of safeguarding our planet and making positive contributions to the communities we engage with.

Within our jewelry line, each stone undergoes meticulous selection and certification through the Kimberley Process, while the gold used in each of our designs is exclusively reclaimed. These practices align seamlessly with our commitment to responsible sourcing.

Furthermore, our sustainability initiatives extend into our daily operations. From waste minimization to the incorporation of eco-friendly practices within our workspace, we proactively endeavor to curtail our environmental impact. This unwavering commitment reverberates throughout every facet of our enterprise, underscoring our deep respect for the planet and all its inhabitants.


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