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Emma Scaramozzino - March 23, 2021


How to Choose Your Wedding Band

Traditionally, couples were expected to give each other specific gifts to celebrate x anniversary. The first is paper, the second is cotton...the list goes on until you finally reach the gift of diamonds after 60 years of marriage. We don't think you should have to wait that long to get what you want. So, we created the modern guide to anniversary gift-giving.


Shahla Karimi Destination Series
Shahla Karimi Destination Series


The first year of marriage;  also known as the most important (and possibly the toughest) year of marriage. Although this is only your first anniversary together, it will definitely be one of the most memorable, so go for the gold (pun intended). One of our favorite gift options for year one is pieces from our destination series. These pieces can represent a memorable trip you've taken together, the route from an old home to a new one, or even a subway line you often take together. 

Shahla Karimi Birthstone Lariat
Custom Shahla Karimi East-West Pear Eye Ring


The gemstone representing year five is a sapphire. If you're at a loss for ideas, the sapphire is a great stone to go with. They come in a variety of colors and are a nine on the Mohs scale, making them durable, and a symbol of your long-lasting love for each other. Sapphires look beautiful on their own or set next to a diamond.

Shahla Karimi Morse Code Ring
Shahla Karimi Morse Code Earrings


One decade of marriage is definitely worth celebrating with a timeless milestone piece. Incorporating diamonds into a new piece of jewelry is a classic and meaningful way to commemorate this occasion - whether it's a pair of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or ring, it will be a piece cherished by the wearer forever. We love the morse code ring or earrings for this anniversary. The Morse Code Collection allows you to incorporate your loved ones into your jewelry subtlety and uniquely by combining round and baguette diamonds to create initials and names.

Shahla Karimi Custom Emerald Gap Ring
Shahla Karimi Custom Emerald Slant Ring


The gemstone representing year twenty is emerald. This classic stone symbolizes true love - perfect for celebrating twenty years with your partner. We love using an emerald as the center stone in a more unique ring setting - this highlights the vivid green color beautifully and makes for a fun addition to anyone's ring collection.

Shahla Karimi Custom Pearl Earrings
Shahla Karimi Custom Pearl Necklace


 On a couple's thirtieth anniversary it is common that pearls are exchanged. Traditionally, they have represented the hidden beauty of a long-lasting union. You can keep it simple this anniversary with a classic pearl necklace or mix it up with some asymmetrical studs. 

Shahla Karimi Custom Ruby Gap Ring
Shahla Karimi Birthstone Hoop Studs Ruby


Forty years of marriage is often represented by rubies. Rubies signify the strong bond that has been formed between two partners. Our favorite way to incorporate rubies into jewelry is by highlighting their vibrant red color in a yellow gold setting.

Shahla Karimi Custom Morse Code Deboss Ring
Shahla Karimi Custom Morse Code Deboss Ring


Although the first year of marriage is also celebrated with gold, it is a common way for a couple to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as well. However, since you are celebrating a half-century together, it's nice to do something a little extra. Rather than exchanging a simple gold band or necklace, debossing a piece of jewelry is a great alternative to a plain gold piece. Our favorite way to do this is with morse code.

Shahla Karimi Custom Wedding Band
Shahla Karimi Custom Wedding Band


Celebrating sixty years with your partner is a huge milestone. Traditionally diamonds are exchanged between partners for year sixty. We love the idea of gifting each other new wedding bands and possibly renewing vows.


Throughout your marriage, you and your partner will experience many milestones together. Moving into your first house, adopting pets together, and possibly having children are all events you'll reminisce about on each anniversary. To celebrate each of these milestones, there are many meaningful gifts you and your partner can exchange. Below are a few of our favorite gifts to give on any anniversary.

Shahla Karimi Morse Code Series


The Morse Code Collection allows you to incorporate your loved ones into your jewelry subtlety and uniquely by combining round and baguette diamonds to create initials and names. Many people like to include their children's or grandchildren's initials in this ring, however, pets, partner's initials, or the initial of a shared last name are great options as well!

Shahla Karimi Birthstone Baguette Studs


Celebrate life's milestones with birth's gemstones. Birthstone jewelry is a great way to commemorate the month you were married or celebrate a new baby.

Shahla Karimi Custom Destination Necklace


Custom jewelry made to connect the places you love, formed by following a specific map route. Choose 2 destinations traveled by foot, train, or automobile. The perfect way to remember your favorite trip as a couple, the route from an old home to a new one, or even a subway line you often take together.

Shahla Karimi Custom Destination Necklace


The Sounds Series’ graphic, gold forms are fashioned from sound waves taken from iconic audio. Give the gift of one of these iconic quotes are create your own sound wave with a custom message.

Shahla Karimi Freedom Ring Love Landmark


The Landmark Series celebrates love in NYC. Inspired by the structural boldness of iconic New York architecture, the collection highlights famous landmarks throughout the city. These pieces are great if your love is NYC-based or work with Shahla on a custom piece to highlight your love landmark.

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