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Trinity Peng - July 17th, 2023

Exploring Iconic Ruby Pieces:
Passion, Power, and Prestige

If the mere mention of Love, Passion, Courage, Protection, or Prosperity ignites a spark within you, then you might find yourself drawn to the allure of a ruby.For countless millennia, rubies have held the distinguished title of being the "king of gemstones." As the birthstone for the month of July, rubies have been greatly coveted by individuals from ancient times to the present day. Let’s click our Ruby slippers and explore some of the most iconic pieces of all time!

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Designed by Cartier and gifted by her third husband, Michael Todd, the Ruby and Diamond Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry adorning Elizabeth Taylor's collection. With a worth exceeding $1 million, it features a captivating combination of rubies and diamonds, often showcased in Taylor's most iconic looks, adding to her legendary allure and the necklace's timeless beauty

Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara

Commissioned by Queen Ingrid of Denmark in 1950, this exquisite tiara is a testament to regal elegance. Adorned with a captivating array of rubies and diamonds, the tiara showcases intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty. It holds a significant place within the Danish royal family, often gracing the heads of its members, adding a touch of majestic splendor to their appearances.

Ms. Wallis Simpson’s Ruby Collection

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, possessed a renowned passion for jewelry, and her ruby collection stood among the most esteemed in the world. This remarkable assortment consisted of a diverse range of pieces, encompassing stunning necklaces, captivating earrings, and exquisite bracelets. Each item in her ruby collection reflected her refined taste and appreciation for the captivating allure of these precious gemstones.

The Queen Amelie of Portugal’s Ruby Necklace

Queen Amelie of Portugal's Ruby Necklace holds a rich history within the royal lineage. Originally belonging to Queen Amelie, the wife of King Carlos I of Portugal, this exquisite necklace features a captivating blend of rubies and diamonds. Its design is rooted in the Art Nouveau style, known for its organic and flowing forms. A testament to the elegance of the era, this remarkable piece carries with it the grace and regality associated with Queen Amelie and serves as a cherished heirloom.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Boucheron Ruby Set Belle Epoque Necklace

The Boucheron Ruby Set Belle Époque Necklace holds a significant place in Queen Elizabeth II's collection. Presented as a gift from the French government in 1953 to commemorate her coronation, this necklace showcases a splendid composition of rubies and diamonds. Its design is inspired by the Belle Époque era, characterized by its elegance and intricate craftsmanship. A symbol of enduring diplomatic relations, this remarkable piece remains a treasured part of Queen Elizabeth II's jewelry repertoire.


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