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Emma Scaramozzino - January 22, 2021

He Said // He Said: Rodrigo & Ybsen

He Said // He Said: Rodrigo & Ybsen

Our first X Said // X Said of 2021 features our friends Rodrigo & Ybsen. The pair will be tying the knot at the end of this month and we thought the best way to celebrate was to reminisce on the special moments they've shared together thus far.  Read on for stories of first dates, I love yous,  and of course, the epic proposal.

He Said // He Said: Rodrigo & Ybsen


 How did you meet Ybsen?
We met through mutual friends at a Friendsgiving party.

How long have you been together?
For a year (a really intense year due to quarantine and everything that came with 2020)

Where was your first date?
Ummm... I guess our first date was at my apartment. He came to visit me for the first time on a Sunday. We watched the last episode of a TV show and we ate Thai food. I remember cuddling for hours that day. That's when I realized that this guy was special.

What was your first impression of Ybsen?
I remember that I saw him dancing at this Friendsgiving party and I told someone there "he is a really good dancer. I wish I had that energy right now." (I had too much thanksgiving food by that time).

Who said I love you first / when did you know you loved Ybsen?
I did (shocker!) but I don't remember when... Knowing myself it was in the first month. I knew that I loved Ybsen after a few dates. To tell you the truth it is hard not to love him.

Tell us about the proposal in your own words.
It was everything that I wanted it to be. I tried to organize every single detail of that day for months. I was sure that something would go wrong but surprisingly everything was better than I thought. I told him that due to the coronavirus we couldn't travel so I wanted to go to the city and play "tourist." I got a really nice hotel for us with a view of the Empire State. Then, we walked all over the city. I made sure to go around some special places from when we started dating. At night, I told him that we needed to go and put on a suit because I wanted to go and have dinner at a nice restaurant. On the way, I told him that I wanted to go to see the Rockefeller Center at night. When we got there I surprised him with tickets to go to The Top of The Rock (which was almost empty due to Corona). I was so nervous because I had the rings in my pocket and security was asking us to take our phones and wallet out to go through the metal detector. I was ready to propose right there but thankfully I didn't have to take the ring out. Finally, we were on the top of the building looking at the whole city on this perfect night and I told him some special words with a Shakira reference (he is her biggest fan) and I asked him to marry me. He couldn't believe it. We both cried. It was magical!

What is Ybsen’s biggest quirk?
He can talk to any stranger about anything (especially to other Venezuelans).

Does Ybsen have any hidden talents other than being a phenomenal dancer and holiday entertainer?
He is an amazing cook. Best arepas in town!

Other than your nuptials, what are you and Ybsen most looking forward to doing in 2021?
If everything starts going back to normal I would love to travel with Ybsen. I can't wait to go to a nice beach with him and drink some frozen margaritas!

He Said // He Said: Rodrigo & Ybsen


How did you meet Rodri?
We met at a mutual friend's holiday thanksgiving season party. That first night, we kissed. :)

How long have you been together?
We've been together for a long, long year.

Where was your first date?
It was at his place in Brooklyn, I got lost and was late haha. We ended up laying down on the sofa watching the last episode of "The Witcher". I don't know how it's possible, but with him that was really romantic. You guys have no idea ;)

What was your first impression of Rodri?
I thought immediately: Who is this guy? Why he is so fucking handsome and attractive to me? I kept that to myself but I was asking about him to all my friends.

Who said I love you first / when did you know you loved Rodri?
I love the fact that he said I love you first, because I knew since the first day we dated I was very in love with him. Like cray ;)

Tell us about the proposal in your own words.
The proposal was the most magical night of my life (actually the whole weekend was incredible). Everything started with a super romantic dinner at home. The next day, a hotel room with the best view of the Empire State and a tour around so many places in the city. Finally, he took me all the way up to the "Top of The Rock" at Rockefeller Center (I was already at this point thinking: omg what is he doing here? This is so amazing and magical and perfect weather and perfect view, and...) he got on his knees and proposed. I said yes instantaneously! We cried... ;) I was talking about my "Perfectly Splendid " engagement for weeks. He planned everything perfectly. My beautiful Hero.

What is Rodri’s biggest quirk?
- Highly extroverted, loves socializing and meeting new people.
- Always patient, even when frustrated.
- Adventurous and willing to try anything.

Does Rodri have any hidden talents aside from being a master marketer and costume connoisseur?
He's a master chef in the kitchen (when he's the mood to do it, nothing stops him) and creates the best plates. Also, he's the most talented in organized events, travels, schedules and activities.

Other than your nuptials, what are you and Rodri most looking forward to doing in 2021?
- Being together as a family, with a maltipoo dog and a beautiful house.
- Focus on business and healthier manners.
- Travel together to his native Argentina.
- Bailar salsa together at least once per week.  

He Said // He Said: Rodrigo & Ybsen




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