Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Marquise + Half Moon Ring in The Zoe Report
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Marquise + Half Moon Ring in The Zoe Report
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Marquise + Half Moon Ring in The Zoe Report
Shahla Karimi Emerald Gap Band w/ Pave in Harper's Bazaar
Shahla Karimi Wheat Band in JCK
Shahla Karimi Marquise + Half Moon Ring in The Zoe Report
Shahla Karimi 3-Stone Marquise + Half Moon Ring
Shahla Karimi 14K Gold Groove Band
Shahla Karimi Pear + Baguette Gap Band
Shahla Karimi Custom Ring in The Zoe Report
The Shahla Karimi White Band, Burnish Set Dome Band, & Zodiac Reveal Pisces Ring in Tatler
The Shahla Karimi Kahn Emerald Ring in Sophisticated Living
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