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Emma Scaramozzino - June 30, 2022

She Said // She Said: Claire & Stephanie


Photo by Coline Marslen

Claire and Stephanie's story began at Yale in the Fall of 2016. Claire was a third year graduate student and the TA for Steph's first year grad school class. The attraction was instant, and the two, unbeknownst to the other, began devising ways to constantly cross paths. Just a few weeks into the school year, Claire invited Steph for coffee to chat about an upcoming project (that she wasn't even working on)... a thinly veiled excuse to hang out. The attraction grew, but given they were in the same program and the year had only just begun, they both were cautious, keeping their growing interests a secret. Not long after their coffee "date", there was a party... a perfect opportunity. With booze, music, and dancing, Claire and Steph found themselves gravitating towards each other all night until finally Steph mustered up the courage to tell Claire how she felt. The feeling was mutual and the rest is history!

The two have since moved to New York and even tied the knot this past weekend in France. We thought the perfect way to celebrate their recent nuptials was to help them reminisce about the early days of their relationship. 


Photo by Coline Marslen


How did you first meet?
Spring 2016 when Steph interviewed at Yale. (She doesn't remember meeting me!)
Steph: That day was a blur. I maintain: Fall 2016!

Who made the first move? How?
Claire invited Steph for coffee, but it was not worded as a date! Steph kissed Claire first!

What was your most memorable date?
When I successfully pulled off a surprise for her 30th birthday! Seeing her face when I surprise her brings me so much joy.
Steph: When Claire surprised me with a hand-gliding adventure!

What's your favorite activity together?
Being in nature together!
Steph: 10 Mile Hike Days!

What's the best meal you have eaten together?
Honestly anything she cooks. But I am not really picky ;P
Steph: I don't know about best, but memorable ones that come to mind: the first time we had brunch at Miss Ada, or the first time we had dinner at Shuka, or the fish dinner we cooked together in your childhood home in Lourmarin (the first time I ate fish in over 10 years)

What's the most memorable trip you have taken together?
Our Euro Trip was beyond amazing but I will also never forget when we impromptu went for a weekend skiing trip to VT. We stayed on a cosy farm with no internet, and because there were so few people on the slopes that weekend it felt like a gem of a secret getaway! We rented a terrible DVD from a kiosk and had an old school movie night, with so many blankets due to the record low temperatures. Making the most out of everything is our amo and I love that about us!
Steph: On our Euro Trip we were supposed to fly from Nice to Rome but there were transportation strikes going on and all of the flights and trains were canceled, so we rented a car and drove along the coast from the South of France to Italy. It was unexpected and beautiful. After Rome, we took a ferry to Corsica, where we traveled the island, beach hopping. It was absolutely magical.

We’re on the same page about —
Claire: Good food! And the simple joy of spending quality time with our loved ones around said good food and drinks.
Steph: Yep!

A life goal of ours —
Claire: Life/work Balance! And traveling more.
Steph: Wow yeah, achieving a positive life/work balance is up there on the list haha

The most spontaneous thing we’ve done —
Claire: --
Steph: Surprise Hand-gliding, or driving to Rome, or overnighting at a cheesy resort in Palm Springs!

We take pride in —
Claire: How we are able to support each other in our separate but similar career paths. Celebrating each other's successes!
Steph: Each other's successes more than our own, and our artistry.



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