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Emma Scaramozzino - July 29, 2020

HOW TO: Choosing your Wedding Band

How to Choose Your Wedding Band

Having some trouble deciding what type of wedding band is right for you? Look no further. We go over all of your options and what is the best fit for your lifestyle.

How to choose your wedding band metal


Gold and platinum are the most commonly used metals in wedding bands. Gold is fairly durable and comes in a variety of colors; yellow, rose, and white. If you choose white gold as your metal, you also have the option to have your ring rhodium plated. Rhodium plating gives the metal cool undertones while leaving it natural will give it a warmer look. Gold pricing is also reasonable and varies depending on its purity; the more pure, the darker the shade. Overall, gold is the most versatile metal and the biggest bang for your buck. Platinum is the most dense and durable metal of all (slightly softer than 14K, but with a more forgivable surface), making it a good choice for people who are rough with their hands and live a more active lifestyle. Although it is more expensive than gold, it requires less maintenance.

How to Choose your wedding band edge

Cross Section

The cross section of your band is essentially where the face of the ring meets its edge. There are a few different ways these two can come together; dome and flat edge are seen more frequently. We recommend that you choose the one that feels most comfortable on your finger and that fits your style best! A slightly concave bottom is typically marketed as “comfort fit” however we have found that most rings feel the same after 2-3 days of wear.

How to Choose your wedding band width


Width is also chosen with comfortability in mind, as well as what looks best visually on a person's finger. The most common widths for women are 1.8 - 3mm. For men, the range is typically 3 - 5mm. Once again, choose what feels right and what reflects the style you're going for. Keep in mind that as a ring gets wider, you typically need to size up.

How to choose your wedding band finish


There are an endless amount of finishes to choose from, but the three most commonly known are high polished, matte, or textured. Of course which one you choose is primarily based on taste, but there are some factors to take into account. An important thing to consider is how a finish will look after wearing it on a daily basis. After a while, you will start to see small scratches on a ring that is high polished. However, most scratches can easily be buffed out with a polishing cloth. Matte finishes last a couple of years, however, will need to be re-matted by a jeweler occasionally. Textured bands will need the least maintenance, considering they naturally have inconsistencies in them.


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