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He Said // She Said: E & Kat

He Said // She Said: E & Kat



How did you meet Kat?

My close family friend threw a summer party in her backyard. Kat was going to be her roommate for their sophomore year of college. While we were both throwing a wide social net at the party, something kept gravitating us towards each other at the party. Could be the alcohol. Could be my sick dance moves. Could be the fact that we both unsolicitly rapped "Headlines" by Drake with 100% lyrical accuracy and hand gestures at the pong table.

How long have you been together?

We met at that party 5 years ago and threw a label on it 3 months later in September of 2015.

Where was your first date?

I dragged Kat along to E-Zoo and attempted to hold her hand so technically: that was our first date. However, our official first date (where Kat was aware that it was a date) included Thick Cut Bacon & Knee-high Sparkly Red Boots - Brunch at Bar Bacon followed by mediocre seats to Kinky Boots on Broadway.

When did you first know you loved Kat?

It's hard to name an exact time & place, because when I look back at our relationship - I know I've always loved her. She's always been my perfect companion. To this day, we've both shared a goal of living life to the fullest - keeping fun and excitement in our everyday lives. Before meeting Kat, I've always thought that I would have to compromise because no one will match my joyful perspective to life. But Kat actually does a better job than I do. She always has. So: if I were to think of just one of those moments where I was able to sit back and think about my love for her - it would be when she came over to my college campus to meet my friends for the first time. Some people worry about that first encounter - thinking that their S/O will need hand holding and attention to stay comfortable. But my friends ended up liking Kat more than myself. There are many reasons I fell in love with Kat. But being my partner in the pursuit of happiness was the first one.

Tell us about the proposal in your words.

On a mild & cloudy Thursday, I headed to a dated music shop in Hoboken and I told myself, "if they have 'The Stranger' by Billy Joel on Vinyl in this shop, I'm proposing tonight." The shop was stuck in a weird phase: after Vinyl and before streaming - so they were mainly selling CDs. So honestly, I didn't have high hopes. Low & behold, in the back corner - they had one copy of The Stranger tucked away in their record collection: one of Kat's favorite albums.

Immediately after the purchase, I grabbed the ring that has been sitting in my closet for two weeks, a bottle of champagne, and headed to her apartment. She was coming back from a family vacation in Disney World (let's keep the magic going, am I right?) I threw the vinyl on her record player and set the needle to "She's Always a Woman." I must have been standing there for a couple hours. But before I knew it, she was headed up the elevator. I let the record spin, and placed the little black box on top of the record (yes, the box was spinning on top of the record for dramatic effect), and she walked in.

I expected her to realize exactly what was happening: her favorite album playing, a mysterious black ring box rotating on the record player, a bottle of expensive champagne displayed on the table, and her boyfriend smiling next to the masterpiece with impeccable (and rare) posture. Well, I guess she had no clue as she replied with a disoriented: "What the hell are you doing?" I kept glancing over the box so she'd get the picture. But alas, life does not play out as it does in the movies. So eventually, I picked up the box and got on one knee. It took some time for her confusion to subside, I was still getting a lot of "No, stop. What is this? What is going on? No!" Turns out, she thinks I was messing with her. Recent events in prior months may have placed myself in a classic Boy who Cried Wolf situation. I uttered a few words that I prepared weeks before, and eventually popped the question. After much confused stuttering, she eventually said yes.

When are you getting married?

October's Very Own 3rd day of the month! On a crowd-pleasing day of the week (Saturday), with two ceremonies representing both of our family's traditions, a kickass reception, and of course, a fully catered after party!

What is Kat's biggest quirk?

As with most people, Kat and I love our sitcoms. Parks & Rec, The Office, and New Girl are always on rotation in the background. But my life is a sitcom with Kat. Kat doesn't tell me about her day, she performs it. Everything she says comes with an introduction of the setting, a play by play peek into what's going on her mind as the events unfold, a climactic arch, and a satisfying heart-warming ending - all as if directed & rehearsed off screen. So her biggest quirk is that she carries herself as if there are cameras in every room she walks into. Seems like more of a personality trait than quirk, but seriously - spend a day with her. This is a never before seen quirk.

What is your favorite thing to do with Kat?

Kat and I both share a love for all things Disney. And while we can't do this as often as we'd like, a Disney World adventure is my #1 favorite thing to do with Kat. We both leave our adulthood and responsibilities the moment we step foot on the departing flight. It's one of those things where neither one of us are placating the other - just pure child-like happiness. 

Who is a bigger fan of Drake?

I'll admit Kat was a fan of Drake first. She watched him as Jimmy on Degrassi - and I never got into it. However, in terms of present day music appreciation - I have to take the #1 fan spot from her. Two main reasons: (1) I have become such a fan that I actually refuse to listen to new music if it's not by or featuring Drake - whereas Kat is a normal human who appreciates much more. And (2) if you had to measure fanhood by something, it would be lyrical knowledge. I have internalized so many of Drake's lyrics that I can whip up a quote for every occasion without hesitation.

We already know Kat’s secret to getting the perfect manicure — do you have any beauty hacks?

Kat's domain is skincare and makeup, and I've definitely picked up a lot along the way. (Yes, she has even gotten me used to putting concealer on my blemishes before a big meeting). But, I joined the beard club in the past year so I have a few tips.

1. For a clean and polished look, always keep your mustache shorter than the rest of your beard. That said, invest in a good trimmer with multiple length settings.

2. Use beard oil! Such a noticable difference of scruffy v. tame when using a solid oil. I use "Every Man Jack".

3. If you have a stylish head of hair beyond the beard, use the excess of your hair product after doing the top to gently pat down any loose strands to keep them in place.

kat and e


How did you meet E? 

We met at my roommate's birthday party who happened to be E's close family friend.

How long have you been together?

By the time we get married in October, we will be celebrating 5 years together. 

Where was your first date?

I think of our first date as being basically a weekend of activities. First, we went to Bar Bacon in Hell's Kitchen and ate and drank so much. We laughed about the slogan on a T-Shirt the waiter was wearing and E ended up buying the shirt which we thought was hilarious. We still go to Bar Bacon to this day and recently lied about being newly engaged which got us a free shot and strip of bacon with a candle in it. Then, he took me to see Kinky Boots on Broadway which was amazing because I am a theatre kid and we are both trained dancers (we had discussed this fact at the aforementioned birthday party because I first noticed him having an extremely embarrassing dance battle with his 8 year old cousin).  After the show he mentioned how the next day he would be going to E-Zoo on Randall's Island, an EDM festival and wanted to know if I would come if I had a ticket. I said "of course if I had a ticket", but I didn't. He then told me we would be leaving at 9am because he bought me a ticket on the spot. I truly must have known then that I really liked him because I hate EDM but ended up having an amazing day.

When did you first know you loved E?

I don't know when I first knew I loved him because it seemed to happen so fast but I would guess I knew when he took me home to his family's church the first time. He stayed by my side in an environment I was not familiar with and was so excited to introduce me as his girlfriend.

Tell us about the proposal(s) in your own words:

The proposal was absolutely perfect. I had just gotten off of a plane from a trip with my mom for law school spring break. I was so nervous to fly that day that I had a lot of wine on the flight home and then some more on the train ride back to the city. E had already told me that he would meet me in my apartment because we hadn't seen each other in almost two weeks. When I got to my door and knocked (because I didn't have my keys), I heard my favorite Billy Joel song playing (She's Always a Woman) and I thought to myself, "Oh, that's so nice, he's playing some of my records." Then, I remembered I don't own this particular album. He opened the door and hugged me quickly and then stepped back into my apartment. I realized then that he had my lights dimmed and champagne poured out in fancy flutes on my counter and then he said, "Kat." Immediately, I thought he was proposing but I started saying "No" over and over because I was nervous that maybe he wasn't actually proposing and I would look like an idiot so I kept saying "No" and crying and then he very kindly told me to shush and gestured to the record player where a small box was turning with the record. I shut up, he picked up the box and said his speech and I knew he was serious and then he got down on one knee and showed me the ring. I cried so much and eventually all I could say was "Yes." I looked horrible, straight off a plane with no makeup and wine teeth, no manicure and it couldn't have been better. Also, I always had a vision in my mind that I would keep my engagement a secret for a few days like Judy Garland in the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" but I was so excited that we called all of our family.

When are you getting married?

We are getting married October 3rd, 2020 come hell or high water.

What is E biggest quirk?

He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Anytime, anywhere. This is particularly annoying for me though because I am an insomniac who could pull an all nighter every night. The man likes a nap.

What is your favorite thing to do with E?

Recently, I've loved exploring our new neighborhood and finding great bars and restaurants. Of course during this time we can't do that so I like when we can have a bottle of wine or two and just watch some funny show.

Who's a bigger fan of Drake?

I am the biggest Drake fan, it's not a question.

We already know your secret to getting the perfect manicure — do you have any other beauty hacks?

It's not so much a beauty hack, but I haven't shopped for clothing in two years because I rent all of my clothes. I have been able to donate most of my clothes and actually fit everything I have into an NYC - sized closet!

Kat and E

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Fabulous story! Very well written! Perfect couple! I’m a bit biased but I love my daughter and I love E like a son. I could not picture a smarter, ethical, caring man for my daughter filled with incredible faith, values and integrity. Come on October 3rd!!

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